vendredi, janvier 19, 2018

Bleu Silex - Bushman

Let me share you my latest job as a director with this music video :

Bleu Silex - Bushman via @YouTube

Few technique, a great dose of street-art, a body and lot of poetry ...

#drone #gh5 #studio #street #blackandwhite 

Painter : Artof Popof 
Editor : Thomas Parnet 
Music and Lyrics : Damien Noury 

Thanks to the Super Studio de la Villette


mardi, novembre 21, 2017

AMAZONITE Photo press kit for K.I.D's latest album

AMAZONITEPhoto press kit for K.I.D's latest album

K.I.D (Krak In Dub) came to ask me to work for his press photo regarding the release of his latest album : Amazonite
I took inspiration from his cover art work and also from his desire to not appear too much in the press material.

I first used my digital camera in my studio, adding green gel to my strobe. I asked him to pose as if he was playing in a club. In post I added a cubic fx to recall the cover art work. Placing the fx it as if it were produce by his audio equipment and as if it was a result of his music

I aslo used an old 6x6 Mamyia C330 with kodak portra film

but keep combining analog film and the digital post to add the Amazonite Fx

As Press requires also some B&W pictures I aslo did few tintypes
Tintype is an old photo technique from 1850 using a bellow camera
I love the default in this old technique, and the silverish aspect. Finally it look more white on black than B&W

Amazonite is available on vinyl / cd / digital :::

vendredi, novembre 10, 2017

Krak in Dub Feat Eva Lazarus & Troy Berkley - I&I&I

Krak in Dub Feat  Eva Lazarus & Troy Berkley - I&I&I

Réal : Jonathan Pierredon
Montage : Thomas Parnet
Cadreurs : Aymeric Val et Sam
Format : miniDV
Please share and spread the news! Amazonite is available on vinyl / cd / digital :::

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